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I posted this on Holiday Wishes, so I thought I might as well repost it here.

Well I've waited a while to do this, because I wasn't real sure wether or not I'd be able to give something back, but what the hell, there must be some wishes I can fulfill this year :-)

1. I'd really really really like to see some more Spider-Man fic. For a character as great as Spidey, you'd be surprised to see how little he's featured in fanfic.

Personally I'd prefer comic verse Spidey (the regular one, not ultimate), but by now I'd be happy with almost anything that has Peter Parker as a main character*g*

2. Spike crossovers. Yet another thing that seems almost natural to me, yet are very hard to find.
Crossovers with Spike from BTVS as the main character. My preference of course goes to the character after he's fallen in love with Buffy and has become a good guy.

3. For people to fight for the rights of the underpriviliged. Help the poor, not just by giving them some money, but by standing up for their rights and the support that they should get from their governments, not just from charity.

4. Spider-Man icons. I definitely need more of those.

5. A beta for my Spider-Man fics

6. Bit of a mix of two previous issues, but since all good things come in twos...
A Spider-Man/Buffyverse crossover with Spike as the main Buffyverse character. I'd love to see a team up between my two fave fictional characters.

7. Spider-Man novels. I know there are some, but they're a bit harder to get my hands on than I would like.
(if you got any, you can reach me at

8. Playthings for my cat

9. New chat friends who are Spider-man fans

10. And most important of all, about a year ago, I bought a hamster to make my house seem less empty. She's a sweetie and I still like her a lot. Only since then, my sister alerted me to a small kitten that urgently needed a home. I took in the kitten, she was too cute to refuse, but being a cat, Dru has ... an overly large interest in my hamster. I'm now keeping Buffy (the hamster) in my bedroom, so the cat can't reach her, but I fear that the poor furry sweetie is now forced to spend way too much time on her own.

If anyone can help me out with tips to keep my hamster safe, without isolating her too much, I'd sincerely appreciate it.

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