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On another note, I've gone insane.

I just bought myself a new computer (even though I should have waited, but what the hell...)

I will be receiving my new computer on tuesday, then it'll be a matter of getting my internet installed on the new thing. At least I'll be able to play my games on it. (or so I hope)

Why do I do this to myself? I don't have that much money, but damn it, this comp was really starting to annoy the hell out of me.

Aside of that, Dru and I are getting along quite well, she's hopefully already forgiven me for the anti flea stuff I put on her neck yesterday (even if she did throw one of my plants to the floor) and didn't even try to throw little Buffy's cage to the floor when I accidentally locked her in the bedroom with my sweet helpless hamster. (purely by accident, I closed the door to keep her out of the room, not in it*grumble*)

Ah well, at least she's letting me type for now.

Still have recs to do, this would be a lot easier if there was actually something Buffy related posted that I'd find worth reccing. (and that wasn't posted on DS itself)

Other than that, I'm working on fic, reading through fourtyfour years of Spider-Man continuity (and god I love Spidey more with every issue I read, he's still the best superhero out there, no matter some weaker issues every once and a while)

I also recently finished Spike Asylum 2, it's tbe best Buffy or Angel related comic I've read in a while, so definitely worth it. And that Niki Wood book is decent and has a good dosis of Spike, even if I had wanted more present day scenes. (would it be so hard to make it a mix of present day and flashbacks?

Off to find something to rec

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