Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Review: Amazing Spider-Man 535

Writer: J.M. Straczynski
Penciler: Ron Garney
Inker: Bil Reinhold
Colorist:Matt Milla

The first thing I did after reading this issue was tell a friend I loved it and spoil her for the ending because I was so excited about it. *ducks* She was kind enough to forgive me, eventually.

This is it, what we've all (well if you're me at least) been waiting for for months.
Peter Parker switching sides.

So what sets him off, is it the Thor clone, fighting his friends...


It's Peter realizing that he's chosen the wrong side once he realizes how blinded Reed and Tony have become. It's Peter finally asking questions he should have asked much earlier and once given the answers, deciding he can't live with them.

And so when Tony asks him to chose between his own self interest and what he believes is right, there's only one choice for Peter to make.

The writing is really good, the superhero prison here comes off better than it's shown in Frontline, yet despite that, it's still just as horrifying, maybe exactly because of that. Because a guilded cage is still a cage.

Personally I like most of the art. There's occasional moments of laziness where the figures become too simple, but when the artist focuesses on the face they become filled with emotion just as easily. Though what really stands out for me are the colours.

Story: A-
Art: B+


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