Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Manips for my new fic 'Buffy the Hunter'

These are two pics I made to illustrate my new fic, a Buffy/Spider-Man crossover called 'Buffy the Hunter', I'm not so happy yet with the Dawn/Peter pic. (still planning to make a better one for the couple), but I do like how the Xander with cornrows one came out.



The basic idea here was to see how Xander would look with this kind of haircut and wether it'd be a decent look for him to be described with in the fic itself. Mostly I wanted him in this kind of haircut because it shows some of the impact that his time in Africa has had on him. Showing some of the changes he's gone through. (and I wanted to have something African about him, without making him look foolish or stupid a la Andrew's attempt at looking British in Damage)
Tags: fanart, manip, spider-man

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