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Fic:Buffy the Hunter (0/?)

Title: Buffy the Hunter
Summary:Spider-Man finds himself the hunted, as the Slayer comes to the Big Apple
Notes: BtVS/Spider-Man(movieverse)-crossover
Pairing: Peter Parker/Dawn Summers, Spike/Buffy

The first time he spotted her was from five floors up; his instincts nearly made him miss his next swing, forcing him to grab his head as his instinct burst through his head like daggers piercing his skull. Peter froze and waited on the ledge he’d just managed to reach. Clinging to the shadows while he wondered what could be so dangerous about a single innocent-looking young woman - dressed in tight pants and a shirt that might as well be painted on. She seemed ready for a night on the town, yet his instincts responded to her as if she were as dangerous as the Green Goblin. Something clicked as he watched her crawl up two floors, jumping over steps and staring down from a window ledge. She was a hunter in her own way, cold, meticulous. He wouldn’t underestimate her again. When two guys whistled after her, she ignored them. He wondered what she would have done if they hadn’t kept it at that.

She was hunting; he prayed it wasn’t what he thought it was, but he knew he’d never get that lucky. The old Parker luck never was that kind. By the time they finally met up with the Lizard, Peter had considered and decided against showing himself at least ten times. She seemed determined – ready to kill – and he couldn’t let her.

She followed the tracks of the lizard that walked like a man; dressed in a lab coat and wearing purple trousers, though better ones than the Hulk. So far the creature hadn’t killed. It had avoided, turned over a police car and terrified a dozen of late night shoppers, but none of them had ended up dead or even injured. It almost seemed as if it was looking for something. Peter wondered how much the creature remembered of his human life. Would it remember that it was once a man? Did it remember its family? There was no way to know. The reptilian menace seemed to be examining something as they showed up. Its long prehensile tail scuttered behind it, sweeping over the dirt. Peter knew from experience that it could hit as hard as a battering ram.

Peter knew that the Lizard wasn’t evil. Well, the lizard might be, but the man at the core of him wasn’t. Curt Connors was just a scientist who’d made a mistake. A one armed veteran who’d tried to find a way back from his condition. A way to get back the arm that he lost in service of his country. The man had wanted to regain his old self and ended up losing it all to the darkness that lay mere inches beneath civilisation. His wife, his son… Connors was unable to head home to either of them, all because of the monster inside of him.

It was impossible not to feel sorry for the lost soul in front of him… not to wonder how close he’d been to being just like the good doctor. What if his luck has gone astray? What if he’d turned into some big spider-like monster instead of the human spider he was now? One wrong thrown of mutated genetic dice and he’d be the monster that Jameson already thought he was. Curt Conners hadn’t been so lucky.

Spider-Man’s latest rival didn’t seem to care about all that. He hadn’t seen her make any effort to find out more about their foe. It was clear by her joking, and her attacks, that she just thought the poor man a monster, something that needed to be stopped and killed. Peter didn’t hesitate to jump in between them, his feet impacting the dusty sidewalk. She startled momentarily, before eying him up and down as a new threat.

The lizard had fallen to the ground, holding his chest, his tail curling around him. He was injured, but not lethally so.

The hero and the huntress circled both one another and the Lizard, neither sure who would be the first to attack. She took one last swipe at the Lizard with that axe thing she was holding, Peter blocked her and it easily.

“Let go of my scythe you… whatever you are.”

It didn’t look like a scythe, but he guessed that everyone had a right to name his or her own weapons, even if the naming didn’t make any sense. Especially when the naming didn’t make any sense, but the weapon was dangerous as hell. He aimed his webbing carefully and tore the thing out of her hands. It was only then that he noticed that the bottom of the weapon was wooden, pointed, and very very sharp. To most humans she was probably super strong, but compared to his spider-strength, she was like a child trying to hold off a tank.

She turned away and ran off.

Peter had two choices, go after her, and try to capture her in his webbing, or stay and take care of Doctor Connors. In the end the choice was easy. What was it with nutcases like her, killing people, without mercy? What about kindness? Didn’t she realize that just because something looked like a monster, that didn’t mean that it was?

Peter slowly injected the lizard with the serum he carried in his belt. The good doctor slowly returned to human while Peter held his hand. Peter gave the man one last check over before he easily picked him up and swung them both to the hospital. The doctors didn’t even bother to ask him what had happened before he managed to swing off.

Another life saved, yet one less death weighing on his conscience. But that woman was still in his town. He quickly returned to the place he’d left the weapon webbed to the wall.

It was no surprise that when he’d returned for her; she was gone. Guess she’d been a bit too quick for him to trap her.

His spider-sense tingling, he quickly turned, and found… nothing. Or had he been too slow? He left before anyone else caught sight of him.

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