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Fic: Spare the rod, spoil the child(1/1)

OK, this is a bunny that just took my mind over for a bit. I hope at least some of you will like it.

Title: Spare the rod, spoil the child
Author: Lore
Rating: NC17
Warning: bondage, spanking, I guess you could say semi-non-con
Summary: Jonah’s revenge (during Civil War)
Pairing: J. Jonah Jameson/Peter Parker
Notes: Much thanks goes to my beta skalja

Jonah was furious, more so than he’d ever been in his life. He couldn’t believe he’d ever trusted that little brat. It was impossible to accept that the very monster he hated more than anything in the world could have made him care about him. And he’d never known.

So he followed all the right tracks, said the necessary tirades, sent a spider slayer after his daughter in law - set up a lawsuit that would strip the clothes right off that masked menace’s back, literally.

It still wasn’t enough to stop this rage bursting up inside of him. Parker had made a fool of him, made him look like a moron who couldn’t see two feet in front of him. And nothing he did could ever make the bastard pay for that. Hell, just look at him, parading in that red and gold suit that Stark had handed to him as if he somehow deserved it.

As if he had the right to call himself a hero, while true heroes like Captain America were forced to hide in the dark. Oh, Jonah knew he couldn’t say that in public, but damn it - why couldn’t Rogers have been more reasonable. Now everyone was going on about how heroic Parker had been to unmask himself like that, and Jonah would go to hell before he gave in to it.

He didn’t come up with a plan right away. Still too sane to even think of it, too much the family man, a father, a husband, furious that a boy he’d seen as a son had betrayed him like this. Doubly so because his real son had been friends with this menace.

But he couldn’t help himself. He had the sources after all. Some of it was bought online, some through darker channels. Marla had seen some of it and rolled her eyes at it all. It hurt that even she wouldn’t take him serious. Then again, who would, he was just an old man, what chance could he possibly have. It only drove him on. Weapons, cuffs, drugs, looking for anything that would give him an edge. Strength to strength, he didn’t stand a chance. But that didn’t make him the lesser man, it just made him human.

The trap was laid. Just a few words here and there, that maybe just maybe he’d want to talk to Parker. Nothing solid, since he didn’t say anything that could be traced back to him, but enough to catch his enemy’s attention.

And all too soon there he was, sitting on his desk like he belonged there - wearing normal clothes like he was still human, still Peter.


His name tasted like ashes on Spider-Man’s lips. Jonah stood in the door, staring at Parker. He wondered how he could have missed the body language, the pose of strength even as Parker sat on the desk. The tension that just radiated from the superhuman in front of him.

“I’m sorry,” Parker said, and Jonah knew he would be, all too soon. But he didn’t speak; he let Parker keep on talking, keep on breathing. “Not for not telling you before; you would have killed me if I had. Let’s not even start on the front pages you would have filled with it. But I’m sorry that…”

Jonah wondered if Peter even knew what he was apologizing for. He was supposed to be a man, but he was acting like a kid that had been caught and was trying to find a way to keep daddy from giving him a spanking, when he wasn’t even aware what he’d done wrong to begin with. Jonah almost made the mistake of opening his own mouth.

And then the gas started pouring in, gas that Jonah himself had been inoculated for. Gas-proof walls, enough to keep it locked into this one room. Bullet proof glass, almost impossible to break. Peter’s clothes started turning into the suit, but it was already too late. Jonah stood over him, his enemy defeated.

He wished he could bring himself to spit in Spiderman’s face, but all he saw was the boy who had seemed so honest all those years ago. He removed the mask, looking at the face beneath it. “Damn you, you bastard.”

What had he even been planning for? Kill him, torture him, make him pay, when now all he could see was this young man tied up to one of the biggest expenses he’d ever wasted on Spider-Man. A device almost as big as the room, all sci-fi and worth over a million - big money for something that, in all its primary conception, was nothing more than a set of restraints. But it was far more than that.

Jonah removed Peter’s suit before tying him up in the device. The suit was too dangerous; it might help Parker escape. Removing it was in no way an excuse to get him gloriously naked. He’d never imagined the boy to be that muscled, not huge and strapped, but like a dancer, an acrobat, with more strength than you’d imagine at first sight.

He locked Peter’s hands and feet in the restraints, before pressing the button. Soon the thing raised itself and Peter hung there stretched between them. Jonah let his hand move over Parker’s spine, touching that skin as he tried to get a feel of exactly how human Parker really was. How wrong he was to do this. His hand wouldn’t be enough; with Parker’s strength he was more likely to hurt himself than Peter.

But that’s what the rod was for. Enhancing the force of his blows by two hundred percent, Parker might actually feel it.

“Jonah, what?” Parker woke up, still groggy. Jonah hit the electrical charges; they sent a shock straight through the young superhuman.

“No talking, Parker, I’ve heard enough of your voice to last me a lifetime.”

“Oh gee, Jonah, now that hurts.”

Another shock.

“I said no talking!

“And you actually expect me to listen?”

Jonah grabbed the rod and let it come down on Parker’s ass, hard. Parker screamed for a second, trying to look around to see what he was doing.

“Won’t work, Jonah. I won’t,” another hit, “stop”, and another, “talking!” Parker still refused to obey, even as he screamed out his words. He had Spider-Man hung up for punishment and still the bastard was winning. Was this how Octavius and Osborn felt when Parker kept beating them?

“Why are you doing this? Why?”

Jonah wondered why Peter even had to ask that. And then he took a good look at himself and dropped the rod.

“What have you done to me?” he whispered, refused to look back at the man he had chained up behind him.

“I’m sorry.”

Jonah grabbed his face, forcing him to look back. “Not sorry enough.”

“I’m sorry, Jonah. I didn’t mean to betray you. It wasn’t about that.” What wasn’t? Being Spider-Man, unmasking, daring to be a better man than he could ever hope to be?

‘It was for me.’ But Jonah didn’t say that.

He released the hatches and Parker fell to the ground. Jonah sank down, head in his hands.
Now he was the criminal, the man playing a monster’s game. But in the insanity that beings like Spider-Man brought, how could any man hope to cling to his sanity.

Parker handed him the rod. “Do it, if it makes you feel better. I won’t stop you.”

And Jonah knew he should have stopped it there and then. Should have been the better man and just let it go, but he couldn’t. So he pushed Parker over the desk and let the rod come down again and again. Until even Parker begged for mercy. The brat’s mouth didn’t stand still for a second.

Jameson somehow felt he should have hidden the rod in one of those huge gloves they sold at baseball games. Make it look like something more than what it was, a big stick. But he hadn’t, and this made him feel more naked than the fact that he yanked Peter off the desk, pulled down his pants and finally forced his cock into Parker’s mouth just to get him to shut up.

It worked, Peter sat there on his knees, his mouth stuffed full. A tear formed on one eye. Jonah moved his hand down Peter’s face until Peter calmed down. After a second he just sat there, resigned to his fate, almost as if he deserved to be brought this low. Jonah almost missed the sound after that. Soft; as if Peter was choking. Jonah let go of Peter’s head and pulled back. He never did it again.

Parker stayed down, kneeling in front of him, no longer a spider or a man, but a little boy with eyes that begged him for forgiveness. So much like the kid that came to him with a picture of Spider-Man, eyes filled with a need for something.

He’d just never been sure what it was that Peter had needed.

That was the first time. Jonah left Peter in the room with the door open. He tried not to listen for sounds coming from the room. He waited, and soon Peter joined him by the window, all dressed up in an eight million dollar suit. They stared at the city together, waiting for anything that would make Peter go. By the end of the day Jonah gave him a card. The address.

Peter would never tell anyone, and neither would Jonah. Then two days later, after Peter fought Cap’s Avengers he came to Jonah for punishment, and Jonah gave it. Peter never stopped talking until Jonah gagged him. Eventually, Jonah bought a ball gag to replace the shirt he used at first. At the end of each session Jonah petted Peter’s head and kissed him like the son he was. Jonah never gave him the words, but it was there and Peter needed it. Needed someone to punish him. Needed to say, “I forgive you.”

Peter did. Jonah couldn’t.

All he could do was watch and hope for a safe return.

The end
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