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I don't know what it is with me.

About half the fics on Bloodshedverse and The Crypt, my two fave Spike fic sites, just don't appeal to me recently. It's like half the authors are getting worse and worse in taking the chars ooc. And why is it that so many spuffy writers are making the mistake of having Buffy be the weak one who needs to be protected and looked after by Spike.

I want my Buffy strong and powerfull and bossy damn it. Not some poor girl who needs big strong so much more experienced Spike watching over her. (if I did I'd be reading B/A or B/X or B/G fics, not B/S thank you very much.)

Or just as bad, the Buffy as Spike's mommy fic. (well not literally, but I think you get the ones I mean)

Now I don't mind daddy-kink, in slash fics, long as it's not exagerated, I can quite like it (emphasis on 'not exaggerated'), but in spuffy? I don't want Buffy to be Spike's mommy. His mistress, sure, his partner, cool, his lover, definitely, but a Buffy who goes all sweetie, baby, ... is just not Buffy.

That and even though I like a broken Spike, one of the things that makes me a fan of the character is his ability to bounce back. No matter what you do to him, he'll get back up damn it. He might bend and deal, but in the end, he comes back from it, cause he's The God damn Spike damn it. (with my apologies to the Batman fans*eg*)

Or what about those fics where in s4, Joyce and the others castigate Buffy for not being nice enough to Spike. Think about it, s4, Spike's done nothing to prove he's changed. (he hasn't even realised he wants to change) and Buffy is seen as the bad one for not welcoming him with open arms?

And oh yes, I don't like Xander as a sub. I just don't. Xander doesn't make a good sub. He works much better as a dom who's out of his league and doesn't know what he's doing.

And much as I hate B/A, Angel did care for her and Buffy was not the one who made him leave. She was NOT the one who broke up with him. She was NOT the bad guy...She really really wasn't...

Or ...

God this list can go on and on and on... up to a point where there's only one in every five fics posted on both sites that I still want to read.

Is it any wonder that I've started wandering?

That and I just can't seem to find any decent sites for Spider-man fanfic. Mind you, not the movieversion. I want comicverse Spider-man fanfic.

As in 30 year old teacher Peter Parker aka Spiderman and his wife Mary Jane. I want to read slash about Peter and Tony Stark (or Jonah or Flash). I want to see fics dealing with Peter taking his mask of and going public. I want fics dealing with Civil War and I just can't seem to find more than two or three*grumble*

Considering how much Batman fanfic there is, can someone pretty please explain to me why I just can't seem to find any Spider-man fanfic? Comic-Peter's a great character, mature, funny, heroic... and yet people either don't want to write him, or they write about the movie version who's nice enough, but not the Peter I want to read about *grumble*

On the personal side of things.
My grandmother's in the hospital. I don't know what to think about that yet. Bommeke and us were never close, mostly by her own actions, but still...

And am I a bad person that my first thought after hearing that she might not leave the hospital was about the comics she's letting me keep in her attic? Even if it is the collection I've had since I was about 11, till I moved out, which makes that 16 years of comics...
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