Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Pet peeve

I've been doing that stupid thing called thinking again. Yes you guys can stop laughing already.

Sign ups for fall_for_spike are going around again. Now I signed up last year, but then, like now I had the same question...

What is it about spuffy that has the mods hackles up so badly?

See, I wouldn't have a problem with the rules if it was a 'no het' rule or 'only adult' or... you know normal rules. It's the exclusion of just spuffy that I have a problem with.

What would you guys say if I started an all 'season of'-thing and said, anything goes except for Willow. Think about it. What would you guys say if I did that, start a com where Spike can be paired with any character, except for Willow, just cause I can't stand her character and think she would have been better off dead since s2...

Or what if I did a com like this and said... all pairings except for spander, or except for spangel? (will never happen since I like spander and spangel but you get the idea)

Wouldn't that annoy people as much as the 'no spuffy' thing does me now?
I'm not going to make a big deal out of it, just not signing up, but it stings.

Maybe I should just do a (what hasn't been done yet?*eg*) hot summerafternoon of Spike with a 'NO WILLOW' rule and see how people would like that...
nah, too childish.

Really I just shouldn't let this heat get to me like that.

Pretty kitty says hi:

And oh yes, for you guys that actually look at these things, what do you think of my new lay out?
Am on to a Spidey kick right now*g*

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