Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Can someone explain to me why I'm slowly but surely getting annoyed by fics where the author makes it a point to say that "Buffy wasn't good enough"

Don't care what she wasn't good enough for in the fic, but that whole...

"oh that's just Buffy, she doesn't matter. Oh Angel does, but Buffy's unimportant and doesn't matter"

Slams head on the desk.

And oh yes, fics where the fang gang is not just nicer to Spike but goes all 'you evil bastards' to the scoobs for being mean to Spike. I mean, yeah they were decent, but they weren't that much nicer to him. 

Or the old Angel sucks and he's really evil and he's just a jerk and ....


Think I'm just getting annoyed with character bashing again. Why is it that everytime I find a fic I like, I end up getting annoyed by the charbashing.  But not just by the charbashing, it's the whole thing where all of a sudden one or two of the chars is supernice to Spike and we're not shown why these chars (but not the others) have suddenly changed their behavior towards him. 

Am annoyed with all the ooc'ness.

on a more positve (depending on the pov) note. 
Dru has managed to get on the bed and spent all of last night, up to 2:00 AM purring and asking for cuddles.

Negative Note: Dru spent all of last night up to 2 AM purring and asking for cuddles while I had to start work at 6 AM  with my alarm clock going off at four. (am very sleepy now),
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