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The end of the world

"Vampires, come! Behold the technical wonder, which is about to alter the very fabric of our society.
Some have argued that such an advancement goes against our nature. They claim that death is our
art. I say to them... Well, I don't say anything to them because I kill them. Undeniably we are the world's
superior race. Yet we have always been too parochial, too bound by the mindless routine of the
predator. Hunt and kill, hunt and kill. Titillating? Yes. Practical? Hardly. Meanwhile, the humans,
with their plebeian minds, have brought us a truly demonic concept: mass production!"

The Master, s3, The Wish

Interesting words aren't they, interesting plan too. When the master unveils his plan in the Wishverse, it must almost seem like a let down to some. Oh sure, he's got a machine to drain humans, what's the big deal... They were already killing the humans and ruling the town anyway.

But see, what makes the Master's plan terrifying, is because it's the start of the end of the world, the end of the human world. 

A few years ago, there was this candid camera show that did this trick on a Belgian singer, not all too funny, but for some reason I remembered it. The basic idea was that this woman was sitting in a restaurant and they'd proove to her how fresh the meat was. To have her shocked as they brought in the animals they supposedly were going to slaughter for her. 

So when she ordered calf, they'd bring in a still living calf, when she changed her mind to lamb, they'd bring in a lamb and so on...
Could be wrong, but that's what I remember of it. 

Either way, the idea was that she couldn't eat the meat, once she'd seen the baby animals brought in for it.
But the fact is, wether they show you the animal or not, that meat on your plate still comes from an animal killed to make your meal. Only society has managed to hide that. Behind packaged meat, in nice little portions, pretreated, put on our plate showing as little connection to the original animal it was once a part of, as they possibly can.

We've turned those animals into a mass product. 

No longer is a cow raised in a small herd, cared for by a farmer, it's now nothing more than a part of production, a part of the stock, the fact that it starts out as a living being doesn't really matter, other than in the regulations the law puts on it. 

And that's why the Master's plan truly is the end of the world. 

Vampires have become civilized and with humans as their natural prey, there's little or no chance of this not ending badly for humanity as the foodsource.

Up to this point, vampires had a personal connection with their prey, humans might be food, but they were food that you had to look in the eye when you ate it. You had to spend time with it. Deal with it. You had to hunt it down and live in their society, pretending all the while to be a part of it to prevent suspicion.

But what happens in this world, when this connection is no longer necessery. 
Humans become a mass marketed product. How long do you think it would be before some smarter vampire realizes that they can't just bring in all the humans and kill them, because it would destroy the food supply. How long before you get vampire farmers with a human ranch.

How long before these civilized vampires turn humanity into an animal?

Oh humans would fight it, like the white hats in the wishverse did. But would they really stand much of a chance?
Because in the end, vampires really do have all the time in the world. 

It's not going to happen in one generation, just like the domestication of animals for humans didnt happen from one day to the next. It woudl start with small farms. Humans hunted to add to the stock. First drained completley, then in bits, so the stock won't get finished too soon. The army would try to stop it, but once vampires go public, what stops other demons from following their example and many of them as well would see no issue whatsoever in getting a human snack easily packaged up for fast consumption. 

It's the end of the world, and it starts in one moment, as the first victim is put through the machine. 

Sure Willow dies and Xander, but they're just two minions. Buffy's attack at the end of the wish leads to a set-back, but it doesn't end it, most of the white hats are likely to die that day. Humanity has lost and yet most of them will probably lie in their beds that night, unaware, that all too soon they too will be herded into cages and brought in for the slauther. 

To serve man is a cookbook and humanity has lost.

Like Xander said it: " We really are living in a golden age."

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