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Spoilers Angel 507 Lineage

I'm going to say something that most people will probably disagree with.

I can't connect to Wesley.
I just can't.

I've tried blaming it on lots of things, lack of storyline,lack of interest in Angel the series as a general rule (pre-Spike). The fact that Wesley has become too much of a brooder, copying Angel's act.

This morning I finally got to watch Lineage.
Now keep in mind, this is a Wesley ep.
He got to show his stuff, got to be cool guy with the guns, hurt guy with abusive fatherfigure showing up. They hit about every emotional angle they could on the Wes-dad showing up thing. Not to mention his one sided love for Fred. And yet, even after all that. I still can't connect with Wesley.

I can see objectively that Lineage was a great Wes-story.
I can see objectively that lots of the lines were funny, that there were deep thoughts and that it's a nice character insight in Wesley.
Yet emotionally, to me, it fell flat.

In fact, even on first sight, I couldn't stay hooked enough on the story, not to move over to something else while the ep played in the background, I even had to force myself to wind back a few times and see those scenes I missed. (almost missed one of the few great moments in the ep, when Spike hit that ninja through Gunn's head)

And yet, looking at it objectively, I can still see all the things about this ep, that should have made me love it. I just can't.
Emotionally, the story left me cold.
And I don't like that.
I don't like that at all.

In all honesty, the only parts in the ep that made me really feel something, were the Spike scenes. And I'm afraid to say it, not in a good way.
This was not Spike.
Most of the ep, we didn't get multilayered Spike that we've had the past three seasons. Sure there were some moments that gave hope for the future, but most of the time, Spike sounded like he was written by someone with little or no clue about the character.
And considering the ep was written by Drew Goddard, the writer of Never Leave Me, that was really dissapointing.

And one more thing, can I say it...
I NEED MORE HARMONY. (and not in a Sparmony way thank you very much)


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