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When she woke up (2/?)

Title:When she woke up
Rating: PG13
Summary: Cordy wakes up
Notes: no pairings, just friendships

Things had gotten silent the past few days.
After the hussle and the confusion of waking up, Cordy had no idea what to do with it. Fred had come in, babbling on and on and she'd wished her gone, Wes had come in, he'd seemed so uncomfortable as if he could barely face her. She hadn't even dared ask him to stay. Gunn, he didn't even look like Gunn anymore. The suit, the attitude.

And Angel...
he'd been in, she'd asked him about Connor. He hadn't even answered. He'd just sat there. He'd just sat there, staring at her as if she'd said something evil and then he'd left.

They all left.
And she still didn't have a clue of what was going on, what they were all doing at Wolfram and Heart. She wanted Connor, just holding him would make it alright. But everytime she asked after him, noone seemed to have a clue what she was talking about.

That's when the evil undead came in again. And she still didn't have a single weapon to defend herself. He just lifted his arms and sat down as if coming in for a regular visit.

"What do you want?"
she snorted it out.

"To annoy Angel."

Of course. What else was there.
"I'll scream."

He seemed offended by that.
"Why am I even trying." He got up, pacing, "I just thought you might need some company that's all."

"From the evil undead?"

"I'm not evil!"
He threw his arms down, paced around some more.
"I have a soul now you know. I don't go around scaring the little puppies anymore. I bloody well died to save the world and what do I get, hate and fear and all that crap. Can't people just bloody well lay belly up and get over it already."
He growled as he said it.

Cordelia stared at him in shock.

"Oh great, the big dramaqueen didn't even bother to tell you.
I ... have... a ... Soul.
Doesn't mean I'm all about atonement or that crap. But I'm not gonna just kill you either. Even if I could."

"You've got a soul?"
She almost laughed at just the thought. The big bad with a soul.
Spike, doing good and saving the helpless, dressed like a punk, turned into a big fluffy puppy with bad teeth.
She snorted out, laughing.

He just looked at her, staring.

"It's not funny."

But oh yes it was.
And dramatic too, but just the thought.

"What? You decided to eat the wrong gypsy? You annoyed Willow a time too many? So now you're what? Spik the poor punk eunuch."

"I wasn't cursed you dink. I chose it. For Buffy."

Cordelia stared at him with wide open mouth.

"Yeah, I wanted to be souled. I didn't have to go kicking and screaming like a certain brooding wanker who keeps nagging about his hairgel.
And I can have sex any time I want."
The bluster left him then.
"Well I could... before..."
And Cordy stared as the vampires hand moved right through the bed.

"You're a ghost." she whispered.

He sat down. Not facing her.

"And I'm still nothing like Angel."


Tags: cordelia, fanfic, friendship, spike

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