Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Well I thought I finally had a drabble for a challenge on open_on_sunday until spikes_heart pointed out to me that it's only saturday and the challenge wouldn't be up yet.*g*
Looked again and realized I'd actually been seeing the drabble challenge on a Doctor Who drabble com...

Either way, here's the drabble I wrote according to the challenge:Open and Closed
At least I can still post it here

Title: Closed Cases
Author: Lore
Rating: Gen
Character: Giles

It was a year since the battle. A year that had kept him buried deeper and deeper in work than ever before. A year that had been so busy; that it had made his time as the owner of the Magic Shop look like a time of leisure. Now, finally, he had a few seconds of spare time. Andrew had brought the books in, a few hours ago. He picked up his pen.

Files on William the Bloody.

1880 – 2003
Died during the battle of Sunnydale, saving the world. May his soul rest in peace.

He continued on to Anyanka’s.

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