Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Was wondering, is anyone on my friendslist interested in RPG-ing?

I've been on this group sages_of_chaos for a while now. Sages is a multi fandom community, that has one advantage over most RPG's, that there's no limit on how little you post. So if you don't feel like playing, you don't have to worry about others reactions to that. Unfortunately it's nigh impossible to find people there that play either fang gang members, or scoobies that are in canon and post NFA.

I'm willing to reset my Spike, esp. for anyone willing to play either canon Buffy, Angel, Xander... Love for spuffy or spangel is a definite bonus. Cause right now the only scoobs there are Buffy and Xander from s3 of Buffy and a somewhat older Buffy and Xander both of which are B/X couples. (a pairing I'm utterly against)

Anyone interested in playing?

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