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It's my birthday in exactly a month and I've been thinking of getting myself a pressie.
Just not sure if I want to embarrass myself with it, but what the hell.
If I held a sort of ficathon, giving you guys three challenges to choose from, would you write me a fic or make me a manip based on one or all of those challenges?

Pretty please with Spike on the bottom.

See? even Spike is asking you to do so.

Poll #736302 Lore's Birthday Poll

Should I hold a birthday ficathon

Sure, I'll sign up for it
Sure, but I don't think I have the time to sign up
Who cares
No, it's a stupid idea and noone's going to take part anyway
Can I tick something, tickity

And oh yes, in case your answer depends on the challenges*g*

1. Spike arrested by cops, he must be souled while arrested and the cops can't be evil.

2. Spike-centric crossover with any show that you want. (Doctor Who, Highlander, any DC or Marvel comic would be a bonus)

3. Spike meets a new slayer (post-chosen) and has to keep her from staking him, without hurting her. She can not know about his soul, or have been told that he's a good guy. She can not be evil. How does he deal with her/them?

Anyway, please sign up?

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