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Spike-ad (copied over from Sparklies)

A group of dedicated souls has created a new ad for the character of Spike. One fan puts the reason behind it this way:

"At one time or another, many of us have commented on the power of this one character to move us in a way that a television creation never has before.

We've laughed together. And cried. Eaten our dinners in front of the PC screen as we attempted to sort things out. Lost sleep. Traveled hundreds of miles to see the man in person who created the character.

It hasn't been easy being a Spike fan. But then, it isn't easy being Spike.
That we chose to follow a character who was not the "hero" of the piece -- which is the "safer" route for a television viewer -- says something about us. We aren't afraid to root for the underdog.

We are acknowledging this with the ad.

We are Spike fans. And we are DAMNED proud to let the world know it!!

I know this is short notice and the holidays are approaching. But please, consider giving whatever you can in support of the ad."


Our lovely Evenstar has rendered the drawing for the ad, with her usual grace and style!!

So, please...visit

to show your support! This will be seen by the industry, by James, and also by the advertisers!

(copied from Opulences post on Sparklies)

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