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After long consideration, and so on, I've decided to challenge myself.

I'm planning to write an actual Spike/Willow story, as I see it.

Now those of you who know me, would also know I don't like Willow, in fact I can't stand her. So the challenge to me, is to write Willow in this fic, staying true to my ideas about her, without bashing the character.

I'm going to write this fic entirely from her pov, and most likely it won't be a long fic. But I'm going to try to keep Willow in character and not just use her as the bad guy.

The reason for this post though is that I need someone to judge my Willow. In other words, I need someone who actually likes Willow to tell me when I'm going too far. Betas can come later, but I mostly write in AIM and I need someone willing to co-read the fic and keep me on the right track.

Basic idea of the fic is, Spike and Willow are dating around the time of s5, the scoobs are against it, so Willow decides to curse Spike with a soul so her friends can no longer object to him. The fic starts from there.

But I will be clear about this, even though I have no intention to bash Willow (it's after all the whole point), I'm still not going to write her as the sweet innocent girl under Spike's thrall. I see Willow as much more of a dom than Spike is.

Any Willow-loving vollunteers to help me out?

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