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Don't mind me, I'm in a pissy mood. Don't even know why, should be happy.
(other than that I forgot all about the date for the open day for Seasonal spuffy, but that's just me being way way too busy)

But one of my petpeeves is starting to play up in fics and I hate it.

I'm not the hugest Angel fan, I can give you a rant on all he did wrong, but that's beside the point. See I don't hate Angel, I might not really really like him, but I don't hate hate him.

Yet lately I've seen more and more spuffy fics write it in a way that they used to only write Riley. Which by the way, wasn't any better, cause most of the time Riley didn't deserve all the spite and hatred either.

But the point is...
it's like I'm reading this fic, everything's going great and all of a sudden Buffy's treating Angel like he's this big bad jerk and the fic has everyone treating him like he's nothing but an idiot who's never done anything right in his life and all he's ever done was for selfish reasons and...

And it's not Angel.

Angel was a jerk, and he did have many moments of being childish and an idiot, but essentially he did a lot of selfless good things for selfless good reasons. I won't call him a good man all the time, but he was a bad man who tried to become better and who loved Buffy.

And now there's all those fics that treat Angel, like a lot of B/A fics treat Spike and it's... I just expect better from spuffy shippers. I expect us to be more mature, more grown up and to treat Angel with more respect.
Is that childish from me?

Buffy once loved Angel, part of her always will. And to have her just discard him like he never really mattered it makes me hurt, it stings, because of how horrible it makes Buffy look.

And worst is when those fics that I stop reading as soon as they descend into bashing, are ususally the ones that get lots of feedback. Because they probably serve a need.
But to me, it doesn't help me feel better for Spike, if Angel is treated the way Spike often was in canon. Because I see Spike as being better than that, because I see Buffy as being better than that and because I just plain out expect better from spuffy writers.

This is probably the time to start on how every ship seems to do that isn't it? Spangel and spander insults Buffy and/or Anya, Bangel insults Spike and Riley, ... but does that make it better? Is 'because every ship does it' really a good excuse?

When I see a fic bashing the old love interest it just ... stings. Because with every line of it, I see someone writing a fic where Spike's treated the same way. And if I want better than that for Spike, shouldn't I want better than that for Angel and Dru and ... any other previous love interest as well?

I was making that Riley manip yesterday and I was starting to think about my preconceptions about Riley. About how he's treated in fic and much as I have no great love for Riley, it got me thinking. Riley wasn't a monster. Yes he did wrong, he had no real idea about demons. But that doesn't make him the monster he was often depicted as in fics. And neither is Kenedy. Yes she's brash and annoying and not Tara, but she wasn't a monster. She doesn't deserve all the bashing she gets in fics.

Does it really make your heroes look better if they're all insulting about those other characters? About characters that they once canonically loved or at least cared about?

I just don't feel it does. I just feel that the characters I love and care about are better than that.

I don't like Willow, can't stand her to be honest. But when I write a fic, then Buffy will love her like a sister. And she'll be the love of Tara's life. Not because I think she deserves it, but because that's how the characters on the show feel about her.
(admittedly, I usually just keep her out of my fics, mostly because I know how I feel about her and I'd hate falling into bashing, but honestly, I rather see a char only mentioned in passing (cause not mentioning at all can be bad too) rather than to see them appear just to have them bashed)

It's not that you can't make chars you don't like bad guys. But keep them in character while making them bad guys. Riley can be deep and dark, but he cared for Buffy and if in your fic he didn't, show why this is and have it fit with canon. But most of all, don't turn Buffy into a user while you're at it.

If, like I've done before, you make Angel a monster, give him a reason for being a monster and make me believe it. But don't just say he's always been evil, because he did care and love and do good.

Make me believe the characters in your fic and for gods sake, Please don't bash.

Am I being silly?

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