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Doctor Who 2:03: School Reunion

Just thought I'd share some thoughts on last nights Doctor Who (which I almost was late at home for).
And since I just posted this as a comment *eg*, I might as well post it here.

I've maybe only watched one ep with SJS before, and somehow this ep made me care for her. I love, simply adore the interaction between Rose and SJ. Sure there's jealousy and snipping, but they get over it and become friends. Understanding they share a common experience instead of staying in catfight mode over a man. (well Timelord)

But then to me Father's Day was one of the best eps of last year. I need emotions in an episode to make it worthwile. Without emotion science fiction is empty to me and mostly meaningless.

It's the whole emotion of SJ's connection to the Doctor that gave the tenth Doctor meaning. It's the concern over K9, the loss at the robot dog's death and that moment of knowing how much the doctor cares about Sarah Jane when he gives SJ a new K9.

And then of course there's that gorgeous moment where Sarah Jane sees the TARDIS, closes the door and comes face to face with the Doctor. That moment when she realizes it's him... There's that music and moment of menace right before it that's just perfect

They managed to make me love Sarah Jane in just one ep and still pointed out that Rose isn't the first and won't be the last all in one brilliant move.

Well that and Yay for Mickey finally finding the strenght to ask to be allowed to come along.

I know, several people didn't and still don't like him, but I've always had a soft spot for the guy. Maybe it's because in Mickey's situation, I'd be like him. The one scared of new situations. The one that doesn't instantly dare grab every chance offered at them.

Mickey's not the hero type like the Doctor or Rose. He's not a typical action figure and he's not ubersmart or a streetfighter. He's even more 'us' than Rose is. Rose is who we want to be, Mickey is who we actually are.

See, he's not the bravest knight in all the land, but he has courage of his own, emotional courage and the courage to do something and stand up to protect his loved ones when it really comes down to it.

There's a reason why nine offered him to be a companion once before. Mickey's no Rose, but he's still a great guy. He's far from perfect, but he grows as he moves on. He's learned to face his fear, he's forgiving, he deals with Rose leaving over and over again and he found the courage to take a new step to a new life. I just hope they won't just drop him off after the next ep, cause I would really love for Mickey to stay onboard.
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