November 19th, 2017


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Title: Lost and Found
Artist: liliaeth
Author: hunters_retreat
Other Pairing(if applicable): Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Boys in space
Summary:  Jensen  was the first captain to see this side of the universe.  His ship was  the most advanced made, an experimental beauty, with a crew ready to  explore.  Of course, they hadn't counted on second rate backup  generators (thanks corporate douche bags!) or a rapidly disappearing  crew.

Jared was a space treasure hunter.  When he comes across an  antique ship, he takes it back to his own and tries to figure out who  the ship belonged to (and if he can make a profit from towing it back to  port).

Things aren't what they seem and somehow Jared has to put  the pieces together because the strange cloud he brought back to the  ship might be the key to everything.