July 12th, 2015


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I don’t like Firefly.

Big part of the reason for that is the lack of memorable characters, and the shitty worldbuilding.

But it’s not just that, it’s the whole premise of the series.

By the very rules of the series, the Browncoats, aka Mal’s group who lost the war and the people we’re supposed to see as the good guys, are basically coded as confederates.

Think about that for a second

Now I do agree that Whedon was limited due to the series getting cancelled so soon, but if, as I would have hoped, we’d eventually be lead to come to realize that the browncoats were in the wrong, like the people they were modeled after, then you’d think that Whedon would have used the opportunity of the movie to show just that. Instead,he  wasted that chance on making the Alliance even more clearly the bad guys.

And the thing is, Whedon is a liberal, so why didn’t he realize that his very concept of his series sent some damn unfortunate implications. Did he really not realize what message that his very premise was sending?

(and that doesn’t even get me  started on how a world setting supposedly build on the idea of Asian and American cultures meshing, up to the point of them regularly using Chinese in every day conversation, did not have a single regular Chinese character. )

I don’t hate Whedon, but looking back at pretty much most of Whedon’s work, I do think he needs to work on his race issues.