May 3rd, 2015


Scott and his 'feminine' side

I was just reading a post of someone on Tumblr about how they wanted more focus on female werewolves. And I get that, it would be awesome to see the archetype turned over. And to see the feminine used as a positive. And right now the only movie I can think of about female werewolves is Gingersnaps, if I well remember the title. Which doesn’t exactly fit the idea, but is still interesting to keep in mind.

But aside of that, the reason I’m not just responding to the post, is because it mostly got me thinking about Teen Wolf, and I didn’t want to sidetrack things and bring in something that has only in a small way to do with the original post.

Anyway, thinking about how socalled feminine characteristics would affect being a werewolf, and it brought to mind just how much they were asking for is actually happening with Scott McCall. Because for all the show does wrong, Scott is just such a turn against the classical werewolf notion of dominance and arrogance.

He’s so unique as a character, because instead of being embarrassed by them, he embraces those character traits that are seen as stereotypically female.

Raised by his mother, he goes for acceptance, pack, cooperation. For being kind and understanding, rather than violence. he understands that he’s stronger when he works with others instead of trying to go it on his own.

He has no hesitation about accepting the strength of those characteristics that are usually seen as female, and even helps his girlfriend understand that those things are nothing to be ashamed of. That there’s nothing wrong with accepting your softer side, that being ‘girly’ is nothing to be ashamed of. That it’s better to deal with your flaws or your lack of understanding and admit them so you can work on them and change them. It’s that kind of characterization that allows him to grow as a character with every passing season and makes him interesting..

But of course, for all that he is different from the usual archetype, and probably in part because of it, most Teen Wolf fans can’t stand him and run for the chance to worship Stiles, aka the cliché male asshole whom they can turn into a self insert. (which makes me wonder about how low a self image they must have), or Derek, the brooding anti-hero instead,. Probably in part because those are the male roles they’re used to. Derek especially, is the classical archetype of violence and dominance. (and many of those same fans then lose interest in Derek when he finally starts learning from Scott and becoming more like Scott’s example, because God forbid that men stop being violent and dominating. )