January 14th, 2014

adorable scott

New Jensen centric kink meme

Just starting to set up a new community.


The idea is to have a kink meme, where all the prompts will be bottomJensen, or any of his characters. Much as I like Jared, Sam and Cas, I'm just not all that interested in seeing them as the bottom or the submissive partner in the relationship. And most kink memes recently seem to be all full up with topJensen and topDean, which is something I have little or no interest in.

Now just to get things ready and advertised so the com can officially open up on the 1st of february. And possibly set up a delicious or other bookmark com for fills to be tagged in and hope that people will actually be interested in the meme and that we can get some more bottomJensen and bottomDean back in fandom.

There wouldn't happen to be anyone interested in helping me moderate this?