May 5th, 2013

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Coolest, I just managed to get my second art claim for the J2_spn big bang.

Had a gen summary which was awesome as my first claim, reading that one now so I can start thinking about the art. Loving it so far. :-)

I'd been hoping for my second claim to remain free, so I could get that one as well.

SPN other slash 1

Dean/Gabriel with Dragons. Dragons I tell you. I honestly don't get how that one wasn't gone yet by the time I grabbed it up. Just happy that it wasn't

Dragons! and Dean/Gabriel, seriously, I can't believe my luck.

Either way, if the author of my second claim wants to contact me up ahead of time, I'd be more than happy.

At least I'll be able to actually use the skills I learn in my photoshop course this year :-)
R exhume

Why night classes are more fun than going to school as a kid.

One of the things I like about taking evening classes for Photoshop, is that every single person in that class wants to be there. There isn’t a single person complaining about the homework, or hoping for the teacher to be absent, and when something does happen to cause the teacher not to be there, most of us are asking when we’ll get a replacement lesson for that missed class.

And the biggest complaint I and my two other remnants of the first module class I was in, have about our previous teacher, is that he didn’t actually make us do any homework during the weeks that were supposed to be for distance classes. In other words, we complained about the lack of work.

The amazing difference made when you actually have to pay for your own classes…