June 15th, 2012


(no subject)

I saw the specialist earlier this week, he wanted me to read through ten pages of explanation on the operation, so I can give informed consent on it. Just did that, indicated anything I might have questions on for when I see him in about two weeks.

And of course I read the rest of the folder as well.

I figured that the operation would be a one night hospital stay at most. Turns out it's three days at the least, will have to make sure I take something with me to keep busy, and ask my aunt to look after my cat. Also, I'll need someone to drive me home after, turns out they frown on people driving themselves home, esp. on mopeds*g*, and to ask someone to stay with me the night I go home, just in case something happens.

Damn, this actually might happen in little over a month from now. Depending on how I can fit it in with my summer vacation.