May 8th, 2011

dean girls love sammy too

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I am very very disappointed right now.

Even though I don't write it, I really do like the occasional Dean/Castiel, and up to now I would have told you that at least most Dean/Cas fans seem to like Sam as well. They might not always use him, and a lot of them seem to try and put him with Gabriel to get him out of the way. But at least so far all Dean/Cas fics I've read seem to like him well enough and realize how much Dean likes him.

Until now.

I just started reading a fic that has over 80 chapters, I'm currently at chapter 15 and with every chapter the fic pisses me off more.

At first I could take their Sam as being Soulless Sam from early s6, since the fic is au from early s6. But in the past four chapters or so, the Sam bashing has gotten worse and worse. Up to the point that they had Cas telling Dean how Sam was never worthy of Dean's love and was always a bad apple.

(with the addition of how Sam was bad for dragging Micheal(and with him Adam) into hell as well. I mean, aside of the point that Sam didn't drag Micheal in, Micheal grabbed hold and fell in with him, but that's not what matters anyway... It's like they want to take Sam's heroic moment and make it something bad and that's just...ggrrrrraaaaargggh)

Why would someone do this? Sam is Dean's brother. Dean loves Sam, Sam loves Dean. If they wanted to have Sam be a bit antagonistic, all they had to do was take the show's cue and play with soulless Sam. In fact, I could have even taken it if Sam was being bad but Dean and with him Cas, were still defending him. But to have Castiel insulting Sam and telling Dean how Sam always sucked and betrayed him and... it just made Cas look bad, cause it made him very similar to Ruby when she was trying to create a wedge between the Winchester brothers.

I kinda liked to think that Dean/Cas shippers were above this kind of thing. And it's seriously disappointed me that this writer at the least isn't. The fact that her reviewers seem to encourage this kind of behavior only makes it worse *pouts*

I just utterly despise char bashing. Seriously, you do not need to bash Sam to have Dean end up with Castiel. Dean can love Sam and it won't take away from his love for the character of your choice. Why is it that some people just don't seem to get that?