May 1st, 2011


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Oh man, only one more day to finish my big bang. Wrote over three thousand words today,and got another three k to go. but at least everything is coming together, and I know what I want to happen, so that's something right?

Poor Sammy, need to continue writing so he's saved, but soooooo tired.

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Big bang rough draft is finished!!!!!

bit hesitant on the title, but other than that, I'm ready to send it in. Will still need loads of editing, but... I did manage to get it up to over 24 and nearly up to 25k. Not as big as some of those fics will be. But I am already planning a sequel so...


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So the fic's finished, just stuck on one point.

Someone please help me pick a title, pretty please.

The fic itself is about Dean who was kidnapped and turned into a Skinwalker when he was a kid.
I've already written a prequel fic to this one called 'See Spot Run'
Both are gen.

So which title do you think would work best

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So what should I call my fic

Where's Spot
When it's raining cats and dogs, be sure not to step in the poodles.
Spot's Walk in the Woods
The Dog Who Belonged to Himself
Good Dog, Dean?

Any better suggestions?