February 12th, 2011


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Still worried sick about my dad.

he had to go in for surgery yesterday and had a, man I can't remember the word for it in english, his heart stopped during surgery, so they had to do a bypass or something. Open heart surgery.

My sister told me to hurry and get to him yesterday, just in case. I had to leave early for work, which hopefully won't get me in trouble. But I just couldn't not do it. Hopefully it won't have been necessary and Dad will be fine, but if he isn't...

they said they'd know for sure if it'd make it through and if he was stable in twelve hours. It's been twelve hours, but I still haven't heard from my big brother. Then again, it's 5am, so Maarten is probably still sleeping, wondering if I should call the hospital myself.

They said it was best if we didn't stay, since Dad's in an artificial coma anyway, and we'd only be in the way of the hospital staff, but still...