September 2nd, 2010


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I just did a small test on the reposting comments to facebook thing. (with full permission of the person who's lj I was commenting to btw)

So basically, what you get is your comment, with a link to the post you're commenting to.

At most I could see this as useful if you're trying to rec someone's fic or post, which I generally wouldn't do on facebook to begin with. Not because I hide any connection between my facebook and my livejournal, cause I don't. But because the people I've got on facebook aren't really interested in fanfic. (and believe me, I've tried to get my mom or brothers and sister to read mine*g*)

Aside of that I don't get why people are so against the ticky box, I tend to be of the opinion that it might be a bit useless, but other than that, all you have to do not to use it, is not to tick it on.

I will tell you though that if you do click it on, you don't get a delay to stop it from posting, not even a reminder of 'this comment was crossposted to facebook' or anything like that.

So take that as you want.

PS: no worries, I'd never crosspost any comments I make to a locked post or to a fandom post to begin with. If I wanted to link to a post, for something like gay marriage or stuff that needs to get spread, I'll ask permission first. That ok?

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I got a nice little present earlier at work.

A new pair of work shoes :-)

My inspector called me while I was busy swiffing the floor in one of the halls and asked me to come up to the reception. It's a new post I'm working at, so naturally, I came immediately. (that and I brought in my mops and stuff in for cleaning the day before, so I needed to ask him when they were going to be finished anyway turns out, they were already done and he had them with him, yay)

And the reason he came over was to get me my new work shoes. (which were needed cause the ones I've been wearing the past two years had a hole in the side, which can become a bit of a problem when you're standing in water half of the time)

So yay!

Also, we're possibly getting extra hours, since the new halls are finished, and there's toilets there which need to be divided amongst me and my fellow cleaning woman at the post. Both of us are really looking forward to the added hours. We just need to know who gets what :-) (yes, one can get happily excited at the idea of cleaning toilets, really... esp when said toilets can add up to five hours a week)