August 4th, 2009


Plotbunny attack

I finally found the eps of the eighties show Starman.

For those who don't remember the show, look here

Now of course, having watched the show, I've fallen under the attack of a rabit plot bunny.

(one that has to wait it's turn in line damn it. I need to finish typing down my marvel crossing fic first (it's written, just need to get it from paper to the computer) And then I need to finish that Criminal Minds/SPN crossover I'm working on and then...

Well you get the idea...

But I was thinking though. Starman is set in the late eighties, 1986-1987, so I figure, if I want to make it a SPN crossover, which would match up surprisingly well... I think people would hopefully not be too bothered if I move up the Starman timeline a bit... set it in 1993 and then have Dean and Scott in class together.

(yeah it's messing with continuity, but considering that the original Starman movie was set in 1984 and yet the series claims to be set fifteen years later, I don't think changing dates should cause too much of a problem. Right?

Just thinking a fic with flashbacks. John and the boys running into Scott and Paul. Possibly with John thinking Paul's some kind of demon, after he hears Fox call him a creature. And then a storyline set in the present with Dean running into either Scott or Paul, looking him up in his father's journal, and finding out in the end that his father was wrong to try and hunt Paul.

Think anyone'd be interested?