Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Follow up on the Trees post

I would like to thank everyone who responded to my post on Trees. I've been wondering how to respond to everyone individually, but honestly, I have no words to do so.
'Thank you', just seems a bit inadequate.

So I thought I'd just post this and let you know your comments were very much appreciated.

It's weird, Trees wasn't even living with me anymore, but it's different when you just don't see her, but know she's still around, as to when you know she's gone forever.
(and hoping to god that that doesn't sound like I'm milking you guys for more comments)

But from a previous owner of a dog coming from a pound, I'd like to ask you something in Trees memory.

Next time you think of buying a dog, or just adding a dog to your family. Don't just go looking for a newborn pup. Visit your local animal shelter and pick one of the older dogs. The abandonned ones, the ones in urgent need of a home. Yes these dogs might have issues, they might not be the perfectly trainable pup you could get otherwise. But they can be more loyal, more loving and more true than any other pet you might find.

Adopt a dog, save a life.

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