January 2nd, 2005


Rant or Babble, you decide: For the love of Gunn

As you all probably know (if you read my journal at least*g*), I love Spike, and I got the sidequote to prove why*g*.
But there is one other char in the Buffyverse who I simply love, that you might not realize.
Mostly cause for some reason I have trouble writing him as a main char, esp. in slash fic.

Can't really explain it, I mean, I love this guy, I thought J. August Richards was the best actor Angel had till James moved over. J is hot, Gunn is a fascinating char and had so much potential that it's a shame he never got the attention from the writers that he deserved.
And yet, despite all that, I find it hard to write him in a slash pairing.

Of course, it also took me years to even be able to read Xander in slash, even when I did use to love the character.
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So what I was trying to say, in a kind of senseless babble which is exactly why I don't even try to sign up for essay thingies*g*...

Could someone please, pretty please, write me some Gunn/Spike fics?

Pretty pretty please, with a chocolate covered Spike on top.