December 19th, 2004


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I freely admit, I had to do this six times to get this response, but hey, now I love it, k?

Who from ANGEL would do you? by applecrapgranny
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Would do you
You like it this much: 99%
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I mean, they actually gave me, in this order, Knox, Lilah, Wesley, Wesley, Illyria and Fred before they finally came up with one I actually liked.

And no, getting Wesley, twice, did not make me a happy girl. (what can I say, I'm just not caught by the Watcher's charms)

For the record, Gisele is my third name, in full I'm really called Lore Jozef Gisele Krajsman.
Older Belgian habit of getting the names of your godfather and godmother added to your name.
(of course, most people, not including my parents, adapt the opposite sex godparent's name to the right gender*g*, which is what ended one of my brothers up with Annemie as one of his names*g*)

Also Huge thank you to marsterslady
for her lovely Christmas Card.

Have a Spikey Christmas

remember_nomore promised to help me with my lay out, so now all I still need to do, is choose which banner of the three I made, that I should use.
Feel like helping me out?

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And while I was at it, I also made two other manips.
Hoping you'll like these*g*
Hey, at least I'm staying in the Holiday mood*g*

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