March 8th, 2004


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You're a BUFFY/SPIKE shipper:
In your opinion Buffy needs mind-blowing sex and
Buffy's the Slayer, she doesn't need an innocent
romance including flowers and candles...she
needs someone who's a dark child like she
is...and Spike is more than willing to play
that part!

Who'd make Buffy happy?
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Made my first Quiz, let me know what you think of it

Buffy's bitch
Buffy's bitch
Your fave Spike would do anything for Buffy. He's
Dawn's big brother, Buffy's sextoy, and
protector of Buffy friends when he has to be.
Your favorite part of this Spike though is that
you get lots of naked Spike. Away from the
shallow side, you love the Spike who loves
Buffy beyond all. The Spike that would let her
use him, that would get his soul for her.

Favorite Spike
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