February 7th, 2004


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Sometimes I wonder about ME's idea of morality. Of dealing with racisme.
I don't have much time to go on about it right now, but I'm just reading the Buffy and Angel crossover novel 'Monster Island'.

The thing that strikes me about it the most is this...
The book's about racisme, about a group of nazi like demons that can't stand halfbreed's, that ...

Yet despite that, despite the fact that the scoobies are supposedly the good guys, they constantly show themselves as racists, and noone even seems to realize it.
Yes I've said it, racists.

It's not just the way they treat the demons they meet, as if they're somehow superior, merely by the sake of being human. Yet in this book most of it is locked in their treatment of Spike. A treatment that admittedly is shown almost as bad on the series during season six and seven, but that hits even closer to home in this book.

The scoobies, well scummies more like, use Spike's services, they don't ask for his help, they demand it, not even considering that Spike might say no.
They don't pay him for it, they don't give anything in return for his help, yet they act as if showing him even the slightest bit of appreciation would be a bad thing. That even just a hint of a thank you would be succumbing to evil.


Cause he's a vampire?

The way they behave is horrible. It's immoral and wrong. Utterly and hopelessly wrong. Yet the writers, probably mostly Christopher Golden, don't even seem to realize what the problem is. Hell, they don't even see it as a problem, it's probably right and proper behavior to them.

Yet what the scoobies do, what Buffy allows is slavery.
And I can't abide by it.
Makes me realize why I so often prefer fanfic, at least fanficwriters, or at least the ones I find worth my while, give the scoobies some morality.