October 21st, 2003


Ficlet I'm working on

He could hear her crying behind the toiletdoor as he sneaked into the ladiesroom. Not that he was a pervert, well he was, and how could he not take the opportunity... But her sniffeling behind the door echoed through the room. She didn't notice him, no footsteps, and he couldn't even knock on the door to call her attention.

Even if he had wanted to, which he didn't.
She'd just annoy him.
She was still sobbing with that whiny long crying of hers that...

He stopped himself from just pushing his head through the door, tempting as it might have been.
"Are you alright."

"Get out!"

Sure, whatever. Not like he cared or anything.

"They're mean to me."
She said the words with pain ringing with every syllable.
No need to ask who, could be anyone, Angel, whatever other toadies Angel had at this huge honking castle of his. She started sobbing again.

He barely squenched the urge to offer her a handkerchief, not that he could have.
"Bite them." he spat out.

"Do it for me?"
If only he could.