Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Battlestar Gallactica and Firefly

Not sure if I should make the effort. But there was a nice interview with Jamie Bamber in Playgirl and I was wondering if anyone would be interested if I scanned it and posted it on my lj?

Haven't been able to watch the series yet, but I'm pretty sure that some of you watch it. Right?

Oh come on, I read it for the interviews... Really.

(and the fact that those pics come in handy for manips is a good thing as well*g*)

And oh yes, haven't forgotten about Firefly. Watched a few more eps. Can say that it's better than Buffy s1. Even though I do feel the strings a bit too strongly.
(as in, how Joss is trying to push us in feeling about certain chars and situations)

Will say more about each seperate ep when I have the time to actually write out some review kinda thingies...

Can say one thing though.
I like The Trainjob a lot better as an ep, than I did Serenity. I understand why Serenity is the real pilot. I even get why it has to come first. But the other one does a better job of getting me to care about most of them.

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