Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Boekenbeurs Antwerps

I just spent all day at a bookconvention.
Walking around books, in between other people interested in books and seeing writers sign their books and get the attention they deserve. Hearing kids talk exitedly about a book. Watching old people and young kids all together, all interested in different things and still sharing one common interest in the written word.

Yes, I had fun.
Yes, I spent way too much money (almost 200€ in case anyone's interested).
And now mom's upset that the only dutch books I bought were two cooking books.
But damn it, Micheal Moore reads much more interesting in english, and Buffy and Mercedes Lackey .... And I just like reading english books.
(there is a reason other than my lack of patience why I bought the english version of the new Harry Potter instead of waiting for the dutch version. I just happen to like injokes and they never translate well...)

But I think I can actually say I'm pleased with my day.
(even if my budget for the rest of the month is shot to hell.)
Now to read a few more posts, go through some more mail and then spend the rest of my night in my chair, reading Chosen.
(either that or finally try and get Photoshop working for me with that Photoshop manual I spent almost 40€ on.)
Tags: boekenbeurs, books, mercedes lackey

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