Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Firefly 101 Serenity

Downloaded some eps of Firefly, since I did promise to watch at least five eps.

Just watched the pilot, Serenity, completely.

Here's some thoughts on watching....

Very very boring opener, there's a fight scene flashback that's supposed to be deep and meaningful, but that really made me work on not touching the fastforward on my player.

Next point, Kaylee's annoying, boring, ... really can't stand her. Especially the way everyone else is fawning over her.

Don't like Inara, her scenes were some of the worst in the ep.

Mal, don't like him. Few good lines, but otherwise his face is a block of wood.

Jayne has potential, the actor's ok. Might have actually turned out to be an interesting char, if given more time.

Zoe's ok, not bad, not good. No decision made on her yet.

Book's the Giles of the ship, only a better actor than ASH.

No lock yet on Simon or River. They're tollerable, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Wash, ok, but needs a lot more to become interesting.

Overall I'd say the show's not horrible, but not all that good either.

In all honesty, considering how Joss is always talking about his 'unique' and 'diverse' cast on this one, the one thing that comes up is that they're all a type of char. The same types of chars that we saw on Buffy. (and yes this probably has been said dozens of times already*g*)

Mal ---->Angel, but less interesting
Zoe ---->Buffy
Jayne ---->What Joss seems to think Spike is, but much dumber and not even half
as well developped a char as Spike was
Book ---->Giles
Kaylee ---->Willow (and people could actually be surprised I dislike her so much?)
River ---->Fred straight out of Pylea
Simon ---->Wesley
Wash ---->Regular guy aka Xander (NB's a better actor)
Inara ---->Only one I can't really pin anyone on. I'd say there's a bit of Tara in
her, only AB was a much better actress

Either way, four eps to go


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