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Spoilers: Life of the Party

Am I a pollyanna (or however you spell that)
and if I am, is that a bad thing?

Bit late, but so what, yet another Angel-review.

Am I one of the only Spike fans that actually liked this ep?
(or am I just reading on the wrong lists?)
Yes there wasn't enough Spike, so what?
Lorne had less than a minute in Hellbound.
Spike had much more and better stuff here.

Yes, he could have been onscreen more.
Well sorry guys, but no, the show is not called Spike The Series, no matter how many of us would be thrilled as hell if it were.

I liked this ep, it wasn't a classic, it wasn't one of those eps that you watch over and over again. (like Beneath you, Sleeper, Never leave me, Intervention, Fool for Love, Hellbound,...(I'm starting to notice a pattern)) But it was a fun ep. I liked it.

All the chars had something to do, Angel finally showed that he's actually capable of caring about someone, with the way he reacted to Lorne and that tucking Lorne under.

Lorne, Lorne and more Lorne, a true festa for the Lorne fans.
And I felt that Andy Hallet did a great job with all his scenes. He was funny, he actually made me give a damn about Angel, which is a very rare thing where I'm concerned. And it was just plain nice to actually see him get something to do.

Gunn's embarrassed look when he said he hoped that it was Lorne causing his...uh problem.
(liked him dressed in colours again, was creeped out when he actually seemed more than eager to try that sleepremoval thing for himself)

Harmony was fun, gorgeous and brought a smile on my face with every second of her screentime.

Eve, she was ok. Not that I'd want to see much more of her, but hey, she got Angel laid. Which ought to count for something.
(not to mention leading to a fun Spike-line)

Wesley and Fred, cute, but god, either get those two together. (no matter how much I'd dislike the pairing) But stop just having Wes act like a moron around her. If she doesn't want him, he ought to be smart enough to realize it.
Wes did look good though, liked Fred, wish we'd been shown more Spike-Fred friendship, you know when he isn't in direct need of her help.(even if I did like that they showed him being nice to Harmony)

Which of course once again leads me to Spike.
He was happy.
Yes it was a spell, yes his problems are still there. But damn it, I just love to see Spike smiling. JM has one of the most gorgeous smiles and it's a pity that we get to see so little of it. Not to mention, being forced to see the positive in everything, he actually held on to that and kept positive after Lorne's words stopped working on him.
(even if it were only cause he liked the idea of Gunn peeing on Angel's chair)
But he was willing to cut Angel some slack (and through him Lorne) which once again shows some points in his favor.

Uhm, does that look shallow?
Should I be looking for deeper meanings, hidden tresors in lines, text, you know the whole ME experience?
I don't know. LOTP was not a deep ep. It had some fun deep moments, but still...

I guess, I just like to have fun on occasion, that and see the chars have fun. I liked that people noticed that Spike was happy and realized that wasn't normal. Which should show that they noticed that he wasn't happy beforehand.
So I'll repeat the question, is it really that bad to be a Pollyanna and try and see the positive in an ep?
Even if it wasn't one of the great ones, even if it were a bit mediocre on some levels...

Well, I just happen to like those on occasion, as long as they don't became to common place. As long as I can still take the chars serious. And most of all, as long as they aren't as boring as DMP in Season Six or Him in season seven.

Cause to me, boring, lot bigger affront than shallow.

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