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Yet another reason why I will NOT be watching Firefly

The chance that the name Joss Whedon will mean anything to you, is rather small, but in the circles surrounding fantasy and sci fi fans, he's considered a demi-god for his creation of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel'. Critics consider his newest series 'Firefly', seen today (15th of january) on Kanaal-twee as his best work ever, but producer Fox felt it was all a bit too dark and too smart for the American audience, and got rid of the series after only one season.

When didn't give in and hit back with the excellent, on 'Firefly' based movie Serenity, a small hit in America, which only a month ago was good for two stars of the Humo Film-man, meanwhile -understand it who may- no longer shown in Belgian theatres.

-Our condolences mister Whedon. Did you think that 'Firefly' would be considered too difficult for television?


Hell no, Of course is the series more complicated than 'Buffy': 'Firefly' is science fiction with a dose of western added to it, which on top of that is played by a nine headed ensemble, all of which have completely different characters; no simple melody but a nine-part symphony! And also there no longer is anything to be seen of the pop culture references that Buffy was full of. The fans loved them, but honestly: it bored the thundering shit out of me.

-Weren't you very dissapointed when the series was cancelled?


Dissapointed? No, furious is a closer description. I still foam at the mouth when I think about it. Now, of course it was to be expected; Fox is a disgraceful station that's ran by followers of that creepy George Bush. These days whenever I travel to Europe, I have the tendency to wear a shirt with a picture of Bush on it that carries the words "I'm sorry".

-You've never kept your criticisme of Fox in doors; why do they still keep you under contract?


Because they don't have any principles. Money is the only thing that drives them. I'm in the same boat with Matt Groenig (creator of the simpsons): we earn Fox a lot of money so they can't fire us. Shit, we're like two jedi-knights that got a job at the fucking Death Star. No man, to be honest, I feel I'm finished with television.

-What wil you do if 'Serenity' doesn't bring in any new movie offers?


I'll start making music. I've written a record for my wife, even if she still hasn't found the time to record it. "I'm sorry," she says, "but I just put a child on the world, you know.
Excuses, nothing but excuses."

(this is a translation of a dutch article in Humo, will add a scan of the article, soon as I've got it scanned)

I know, this is probably an old interview, but damn it, I refuse to go watch Firefly if he's dissing Buffy for his new favorite.

Either way, go vote here for Spike

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