Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I need help

I'm mostly a spangel and spuffy writer, only well... I got this plotbunny. And for some reason it's spander.*g* (you guys are corrupting me*g*)

I got it after reading this

For those not interested in comics, the basic idea is that there's this zombie infection thing. It infects the heroes of a world, turns them into nigh unkillable flesh eating zombies who eat almost everyone else in the world. (only the heroes become infected themselves)

I had this idea that Willow finds herself contacted by someone, possibly the Willow from another universe, she checks it out and accidentally opens a portal that starts the infection in the Buffyverse. All the slayers, all the witches, the watchers, all the 'superheroes' of the Buffyverse are infected. Due to some accident, Spike manages to get away. (thinking here that since vampires are already dead they can't be infected and Angel gets killed and/or eaten by the zombieslayers)

Spike goes on the run and is just in time to save Xander from being eaten. (Xander being a regular human with no 'special' abilities whatsoever would not be subjected to the infection and would just be seen as food. feel it's more interesting that way)
In my head this isn't a 'Spike always loved Xander' story. Originally he would save Xander, cause well that's what he does now, save people and two, for Buffy's sake. Trying to keep her best friend safe, even if it's from herself.

So the two of them are on the run, as some of the only remaining survivors. They could run into other survivors, not sure yet. And as time goes by they find comfort and possibly love in one another. Keep in mind that the destruction of the world and the death of most humans would be a matter of days. In the original comic, it took the heroes less than three days to finish killing and eating almost every human on the planet.

Not sure how to get them out of the situation yet. But I really think this could be a cool fic. Getting me to the problem part. I really don't usually write spander. I read it, but I don't write it.
So I'm looking for a co-writer. Someone who loves human, non-superpowered Xander and souled Spike.

Any vollunteers?

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