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When she woke up (1/?)

Title: When she woke up
Summary: Cordy wakes up
Notes: No pairing, just friendship

Spike leaned back against the wall, lighting a smoke as he stared down through the windows to the hall below him. Angel was sitting next to her, the cheerleader. She’d woken up the day before and the poof had gone all softness and light over her. Giving Spike a clear order to stay the hell away from her.
Spike had given him the two finger salute, but for some reason he didn’t really get, he’d obeyed. So far.

Smoke whirled around him, ghost-smoke, as real as his own ghostly body. Not that it hadn’t annoyed Mickey when he’d discovered what Spike could now do. That and some strategically planted eucalyptus-leaves in dear old grandpa’s blood supply. It was nice to know the old smile and flirt still worked with Harmony, even if he had nothing to follow it up with.

Angel was gone by now, leaving the cheerleader alone, watching TV. The night table next to her stacked up with magazines and papers. Her strength seemed to flow right out of her. Alone like that, sitting on that big white bed, she seemed to flatten into nothingness. Did Angel even know that she did this, act strong for him, for Fred, for the watcher and black panther boy? He didn’t think so.

He moved through the walls, keeping invisible. Angel’s orders be damned. Though he wasn’t planning to bother her. He just sat down on the chair, listening to her cry. He couldn’t help it, he picked up a handkerchief and gave it to her.

"Dennis? Is that you?"

"Sorry to disappoint pet."
He let himself appear. She shrieked back, grabbing for one of the magazines to hit him on the head with it. He lifted his hands as if to protect himself, but the magazine went straight through him regardless. She jumped off the bed, or tried to do so. Grabbing for a chair, anything to defend herself.

Spike got agitated, what was it with people attacking him when he was just trying to be nice… Bloody hell, didn’t Angel tell her he was on their side now? He growled a second and moved around, marching straight through the walls, letting her take care of herself then. It’s not like he gave a damn about the poof and his bloody minions. He ignored Fred as she called after him and moved up to ….

He stopped, letting Fred catch up with him.

She nearly dropped to her knees, breathing hard from running after him. Then she started a whole load of info on how her research was going and some science mumbo jumbo geekspeak, that he didn’t get a word of.

"And this means?"
The words left his lips before he could stop them.

"That there might be another way to corporealize you. Without melting down half of LA, or all of it."
Like there had been all the other times. It was nice that she didn’t give up hope, that she kept trying. He liked the bint, her constant optimism, all hell be damned. It was just that there’d been so many tries, so many hopes before. Might be better to just get used to this… life, enjoy it while it lasted and try and ignore what lay in store in the future. But he forced himself to smile and be happy. No need to depress her along with himself.
"That’s great Fred. I…"

"Spike!" Uh oh, big poof up ahead.

"What the hell were you doing in Cordelia’s room. Didn’t I expressly tell you to stay away from her, to leave her in peace and…"

Bla bla bla … grandpa off on a rant again. So was he gonna burst a vein, get pissed off enough to care one twiddly little bit?
Spike wasn’t sure, should he play the penitent little boy card that got Angel to totally blow his top off or…

"I was just passing by, no need to mark off your territory. Then again, you love doing that, pissing off your boundaries, like a big bad …
Angel turned away leaving him standing in the middle of his sentence.
"I wasn’t bothering her you bastard. She’s just lonely, thought she might need some company."

Angel turned back and actually growled.
"That might be so Spike, but she’ll never need yours."
Spike stood there, looking away from Fred, almost instinctively hiding in his coat.


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