Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Stupid little thought

Is it ok to be annoyed by something so silly, that you know, you should just ignore it, but can't?

It's stupid, I don't often read non-Spike fics, yet it annoys the hell out of me when I read a non-Spike fic where the char is thinking about everyone they lost. (say Gunn, Angel, Wes, ... post NFA) and they don't even mention Spike.

I'm not saying he has to be a major part of the fic, but if you give a list of Gunn, Angel, ... thinking about people they knew, a list with every single member of the fang gang, shoudln't they then at least mention Spike?

They don't have to like him, but just that lack of mention, as if he wasn't even there...

It annoys me.

I don't like Wes, I despise Willow, but if I have Buffy or Spike think about the scoobies or the fang gang and they give a list of chars, then Wes or Willow, damn well will be mentioned. Not because I give one bit of a damn about these chars, but because the chars do.

Andrea and I have Angel mention Wes several times, because to Angel, he mattered.

Why is it that people like to pretend that Spike didn't exist, why would anyone want to write a post-chosen scooby fic where Spike or Anya are utterly ignored. Doesn't that make the chars that are shown look horrible?

Spike was a part of the fang gang in s5, you don't have to like it, but Gunn knew him, he fought beside him. So if you have post-NFA Gunn mention every single member of the fang gang in a line, then he damn well better mention Spike as well.

Yes I'm being annoying about this. Just hate it when people do this.

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