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Fic: The Slayer and the vamp (first part of a new series)

Title:The Slayer and the Vamp.
Rating:PG13 (mostly)
Pairing:B/S (with hints of A/S)
Summary:AU, Angel didn't abandon William after getting his soul


The first time she noticed the vampire, was in the early evening. It was only nine o’ clock and the sun had just gone down. She remembered thinking he must be some kind of early riser. One of those guys that when he was alive would get up at an indecently early hour in the morning just to go make a run around the block and get in some fresh air while he was at it.
She'd started heading his way and then she lost him. He didn't even try to fight her. Annoyed she continued her way.

The second time she saw the vampire, she recognized him because of his hair. It was white, bright fluorescent white, like someone had dropped a bottle or ten of bleach on his head. He was actually paying for the cigarettes. She remembered later, thinking then that it was odd for a vampire to willingly pay for anything. Yet he did, took some chewing gum, a few packs of cigarettes and a magazine and went on to pay for all of it. Didn’t even try the fangs in neck discount. He'd disappeared before she got the chance to ask him why.

She didn't see him again for an entire week. The next time she saw him he was with Angel and Angel most definitely was not trying to stake him. Well not with wood at least.
Blondie was lying bare-assed over Angel's lap and Angel was hitting him. She stood there, unsure, should she stop him, shouldn't she?

Angel let the other vampire go and Buffy still stood there, feeling embarrassed for the vampire's sake, not that the guy seemed to mind too much, other than for rubbing his butt and pulling up his pants. Angel came up to her, she took a step back.

"William go to your room."


"Now William!"

And like a reprimanded child the vampire grabbed his shirt and moved down the hallway, looking at them one last time before closing the door. Muttering something that didn't seem all too positive about Angel. The look on Angel’s face as he stood up, coming towards her, after what he’d just done was enough to destroy the last vestiges of a crush that she’d had with him.



The vampire went to the espresso machine and turned back to her. As soon as she’d nodded, he filled two cups, one for her, one for him. She emptied it more to keep him happy, than because of any taste for it.

“What’s going on Angel? Who the hell is that and what’s a vampire, other than you doing here?” Or more importantly, why shouldn’t she stake this particular vampire, like she was expected to do with all the rest of them. “I didn’t even know you were into spanking.”

Angel looked guilty. Not easy to see, cause it was the same look he always had, but he was shuffling his feet and there was a mere hint of a twitch at the end of his lips, not to even mention that he started breathing.

”Remember what I told you, when I said I left my family after I first got my soul.”

And there it was, a tick in his finger as it tapped against his leg.

“Yes.” She waited. He stood there, eyes turned to the ground, embarrassed, guilty. Definitely guilty.

“I didn’t leave all of them.”


William was of course invited to the next Scooby meeting. Well more like ordered to appear. But she’d said it nicely, she hadn’t even threatened to stake him once. He’d flinched though, Buffy smiled, she’d made a vampire flinch. There were times that she loved being the slayer.

Giles was all serious, furious about Angel’s lie. He’d pulled up some old journal about Angelus. Angel’s …evil side. More importantly, it seemed to hold the information on Angelus children, the vampires he sired, including one William T Bloody, youngest of Angelus infamous ‘family’ and at that time one of the most dangerous vamps known to man.

One very dangerous soulless bloodsucking fiend who was currently sucking a Donald Duck shaped lollipop after Giles’, not so polite, response to his lighting a smoke in the library. For some reason the idea of Angel giving the vampire a sucker as soon as he started pouting, somehow made her giggle. The idea of Angel actually carrying those things in the pockets of his coat didn’t help matters.

There was this long story involved, a very very very long and boring story where the poor misunderstood hero, aka Angel, just couldn't find it in himself to stake his offspring and had gone through the valiant and huge effort of keeping his boy in check. Buffy'd started dozing off before he'd even passed the first twenty years. By the time the senior vampire got to the fifties she offered to go patrol while Angel explained the rest to Giles.

Giles unfortunately disagreed and she was stuck, stuck to sharing a rather bored glance with a particular unsouled blond vampire who was currently dressed in a white sweater shirt and jeans. Both of them started a convo of smiles, hidden hand motions, winks and snorts that had both Giles and Angel glare at them every few seconds.
"Alright already, just get the hell out of here."
Buffy shot up, quick as a bullet. Looking at Giles for permission, he groaned and nodded.

Angel faced the other vampire. The man stood up as soon as Angel looked at him, eager, impatient and all around cute as hell.
"William, stick with Buffy, try and leave her even for a second, harm a single hair on her or anyone's head and you know you'll be sorry. Is that understood?"

It was obvious that William would have agreed with anything, if it meant getting out of the room.

So there they stood, in front of the door, a vampire and a slayer who for some mysterious reason, of evil parenting, were not about to start killing one another.

“You don’t have to keep an eye on me Slayer. I can handle being on my own.” was the first thing he said. Trying to slip his leash already and they hadn’t taken one step away from the school.

“So what’s Angel going to do to you once he finds out.”

William grinned.
”Wouldn’t you want to know.” He sounded like a kid, too innocent to have a clue what he was joking about. And somehow still sexy as hell. No answer, but he was still walking besides her as she left.

“So what do you want to do?” He asked once they’d crossed the road.

“Kill some demons?” she said.

And that was their very first patrol together, the first of many.


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