Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I was hoping you guys could help me find a fic, preferably post-chosen. Where Xander gets to understand how wrong he was about Spike. Preferably not one where he's always been in love with Spike. Please no m-preg, no Xander with superpowers and no uberunderstanding Xander. I'd prefer to see a Xander who redeems himself from his behavior in s6.

No just dismissing of Anya either. I like Anya and hate to see her or Buffy bashed.

Does anyone know a fic like that?

And would I be too demanding if I ask for no dominant Spike? I don't mind them being equals, but I generally prefer Spike being the sub... it's a thing.

And if there's no such spander fic, does anyone know a Spike/Angel fic (preferably post-chosen)where Angel's forced to see Spike for who he really is now.

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