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Spike just screenfodder? I don't think so.

I was reading livejournals again and there's something that annoys me.
This one lj talked about the zap2it poll and wondered what people saw in JM, asking this in a serious question... Anyway, me being me, I responded. Which since I really really don't like DB ended up explaining exactly this point as well...

Nothing against different opinions, though this person got insultive to Spike...
And then I read her next post... how Spike fans break down Angel to build up Spike bla bla bla... I'm sorry, but I don't have to break down Angel, he's already a jerk enough on his own. (and yes, I have tried to at least find some reason to like the guy, I just cant really find any)

Not the point though, one of the responses was how to them Spike was just background fodder and then someone responded saying how you could get Spike fans angrier than anything by saying this, because supposedly we secretly know this is so bla bla bla...
(really have to find the link for this, so you can see it for yourself)

Now it got me thinking...
Not just of the Spike haters, but of those people who say they barely even notice Spike. Everyone their own taste of course, but sometimes I wonder about those people and why they're so vehemant that they barely even notice Spike.
I mean, I don't really care for either Giles or Wesley, but you don't see me telling over and over again how I barely notice them.
I'm just saying, it's not that I really dislike either of the two, they have a nice part in the series, but they're just not people who pull my attention on their own.
I can enjoy a Giles/Spike fic, or a Wesley/Angel fic as much as the next girl, but I'd never read something for just Giles or just Wesley and in the long run, neither of them is all that important for my viewing pleasure.

Yet you'll never hear me say they're just background scenery, just cause they don't really matter to me.

The thing that upsets me the most about this though, is that it's plain wrong.
Take season six and seven for example...
Take out Spike and the Spike storyline and what have you got left?
Buffy getting pulled out of heaven, oooh, she doesn't instantly notice her friends who pulled her out of complete happiness, watch Buffy ignore Dawn, watch Boring as Hell (tm) Willow engage in a magic addiction, watch the wacky hijincks of Xander and Anya as they either stand around doing nothing, or worry about the marriage that doesn't happen. Even worse in season seven. Watch Buffy ignore Dawn for a bunch of newbies, watch Xander be replaced by Andrew without even leaving the show, watch Willow do basically nothing...

In fact, if not for Spike, the last two years would have been boring as hell and I personally doubt I would have stayed interested in the show. It's the infusion of Spike and his storyline, that kept me caring about the other characters.
(even if I did get pissed off at the lot of them)

Same on Angel...
It's not that I haven't watched previous eps, I have. I don't really like them, but I've watched them all at least once... But before Spike, it was a series that though I downloaded it, I wasn't bothered if I had the ep a week or more late.
I can't stand Angel and though I don't dislike the other chars, I never really loved them either. They were just bland. (except for Gunn who was unfortunately ignored for way too long) But now, now that they're interacting with Spike, I get interested in them. I wonder what they feel about situations. I'm not a big fan of funny, but I like Harmony and her connection to Spike keeps me interested in her.
I even get interested in Angel, cause of how he affects Spike.

Does that make me a bad Angel The Series fan? Maybe.
Is this a bad thing? No idea, who gives a damn.

Just some thoughts of course
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