Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

crossovers100 ficlet: Quickening 1/1 (DM/Spike)

Title: Quickening
Summary: After Spike is at risk, Duncan tries to save him
Pairing:Duncan MacLeod (Highlander)/Spike (BTVS and Angel)
Claim: Spike/crossovers

Lightening struck with every drop he took. Spike felt it coursing through him, breaking him apart inch by inch, and rebuilding a new self out of the ashes. Pulled in by the blood, the thrall of the fire was too strong for him to pull back and stop, even now that Duncan had stopped pressing his face to the wound.

What had happened?

One moment he’d been dying, a stake nearly hitting his heart, fallen, weakened; the next he was in heaven with Duncan’s blood strengthening him. He drank from his lovers chest, sucking like a babe sucking from its mothers tits.
“My sweet boy, dearest.” Duncan’s voice growing softer, slower, the hand brushing through his hair falling still.

“I love you”, the voice whispered and he wanted to devour it, to stop, away from the lightening.

“Duncan no.” He finally managed to force the man away from him, sinking down. God no, what had he done?
The Scott was still breathing. Spike jumped to his feet and grabbed the phone.
911, come on, get them over, save MacLeod.

“Spike no…” But he couldn’t let him die. “Please don’t.”
And his loves heartbeat slowed down and down… Spike bit in his wrist, opening it up. He had to force it into MacLeod. Turn him; making him live forever, they could worry about getting the man’s soul back afterwards.

Duncan just smiled.
”Don’t worry, it’ll be ok.” He whispered and as he died it was too late to turn him; too late to do anything but hold him. Spike cracked, he couldn’t move. He should call 911, get help, and do anything, anything at all. But he couldn’t, frozen with the dead body in his arms, crying over a body that still held all its warmth.

“Please Mac no.”
Angel found him mere minutes later. He tried to drag him away, but Spike wouldn’t let him. The older vampire finally knocked him out. He would kill him for that.

When he woke up in his bed, it took him a moment to remember what had happened. Duncan, he’d killed him. The mere thought of it was enough to make him want to face the sun. He couldn’t handle this again.

The door opened, a large figure showed.
”I don’t want to talk Angel.”

“Good thing then that I’m not Angel.”

If he’d moved any faster, his face would have fallen off. Duncan stood here, had he saved him? Had he been on time. The man’s heart was still beating.

“Please, you’re not real.” Lips touching his, disproving his fears. Not the First, not a ghost.

What good had he possibly done to deserve this? If this were to be his reward, he’d happily do it a thousand times over and over again.


“Guess this is the time I tell you I’m immortal right?”

Spike sat stunned, a silly smile on his face.


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