Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Fic: Third Wheel (1/1)(smut_69 Prompt 33. Cuddle)

Title: Third wheel
Rating: PG13
Summary: Methos returns to find out about Duncan and Spike (comes after Surrender)
Prompt: 33. Cuddle

It had only been five months since he’d left, and yet already his world had changed irrevocably. Joe had a stake and some bottles of holy water under the bar. Richie was all of a sudden wearing a cross and Amanda’s hair had gone back to black. But most of all Duncan was sitting in the middle of Joe’s with a new lover, a guy. A very non-human guy of the blood sucking variety.

How the hell did that happen?

He’d left only five months ago, desperate to get out of town as some headhunter or another had come after him. Now that the guy was dealt with he’d basically expected to just slide back into his life only to find that someone had taken his place at Mac’s side.

The vampire ordered a beer and Methos wondered what Mac could ever possibly see in him. Then the boy, he couldn’t be much over a century, offered him a drink and turned those deep blue eyes towards him. He’d expected them to be cold, harsh, but there was a twinkle of life that made it nigh impossible to turn away.

Duncan pulled the vampire down on his lap, seducing him into a kiss. The blond indulged him, pretending to be annoyed, but Methos knew enough about human nature to recognize a front when he saw it.

He told himself he was just worried about a friend, but he knew, it was too late. He hadn’t seen MacLeod that much at ease with anyone, since he’d chance a glimpse of him when the Highlander was still with Tessa Noel. Now like then, Methos knew that he didn’t want to cause him any unhappiness.

It’s not that he loved MacLeod, not like he’d loved Alexa. But always there’d been that hint of hope, that notion that maybe someday, somehow… there might be something. He wasn’t sure if that hope would still be there now.

He closed his eyes and got ready to leave when Mac stopped him, asked him to stay. He couldn’t say no. He wasn’t sure if he could take the pity in the vampire’s eyes. How could a thing like that ever understand?

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