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Fic: Man's best friend (20/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

Spike was stretched out on his bunk bed. It was still early enough that they left him alone in his single room. Isolation. He grabbed for his smokes before he remembered that he wasn’t allowed to have any. Too dangerous. The lack of a smoke was killing him. Soldiers patrolled through the hallways and Spike would prefer to do nothing more than to just grab one of them, rip his throat out and have a good diner for a change instead of the foul pigs blood that they were usually fed.

The door of his cell was opened and Spike flinched back as the light hit inside his cell. A vampire was pushed to the floor before the door was closed again. Spike turned him over and was startled to find he actually recognized the other; Penn, his sire’s oldest child. Penn moaned in pain and Spike held him till he opened his eyes.


Spike nodded.

”Where’s Angelus.”

Spike practically spat at the mention of their sire’s name.

“He was there, and then the soldiers came.”
Penn stared at him in stunned shock, still not believing his own memory.
“Did he betray me?”

Spike could only nod and offered his wrist to Angel’s childe. Penn drank hungrily.
“He betrayed us all. The sodding souled bastard, he betrayed us all.”


Spike had to fight himself not to respond. Penn? What was he doing here? Had he gotten free? If he wasn’t, he shouldn’t be wearing normal human clothing, should he? It wasn’t hard to notice a hint of a collar underneath Penn’s shirt. They were on to him, no, please no.

He kept his head down, letting Dawn give him another blood snack. She probably thought she was protecting him from a human. Angel looked at Penn and sat up. Did he remember or did he smell that something was up? Why were his memories still so messed up?

Angel had betrayed them, but why? His past self had known, but he couldn’t remember. There had been something wrong with Angel, something that he should know, something important, but what?

Penn went to the kitchen and opened the cabinet under the sink. There were no vampire repairmen; not unless they came in zip lock trousers and jumped out of cakes. Spike got halfway up and moved over to Buffy’s feet, she was already holding Angel’s hand, calming him down.

But Angel wouldn’t stay down, he started growling, not like he were angry, it was his demanding tone. As in, clean my booths, wipe my shine white …Spike tried to grab his sires attention, but with another member of the family in the room it was a waste of time. Angel jumped up to Penn, forcing him to the floor. Penn seemed about to grab for something when Angel started licking his face, his neck.

Buffy jumped in to pull him back just as Angel turned to gameface. Penn just whispered one word: ”Sire?!” She flinched back as his ridges appeared, all too obviously looking for a stake.

Angel happily bit in for a second, as if tasting Penn before he offered his own neck to the other vampire. Penn tasted it before allowing Angel a chance to back away, crouching on his heels. Penn kneeled down and touched out for Angel's face.

Penn got to his feet, Buffy pushed Dawn to their mother, silently telling her to run while she stood in the way. Dawn hesitated. “William?”
Spike stood there, “Penn.” He whispered.

Penn grinned, he laughed.
”Oh look at you, the little household pet. Feel like rebelling now little brother? To think how much you hated towing the line.” There was a bitter viciousness in his tone.

“As much as you loved it.” Spike answered. Penn’s fist hit him against the wall before he could even raise a defence.

“Well I’m still free Willy boy.” Gruff disapproval. “While you crawl on the floor like a dog.”
Sing song tone. “Did they make you drink out of a bowl? Tell you to play dead or sit up for a cookie.” Spike’s temper rose as Penn knew all to well that it would.
"Look at you, still the mangy mutt from the nest. Just look at what you did to our sire, what they pulled him down to, because of you!"

Spike wanted to yell at him to shout out that it wasn’t his fault, that he hadn’t meant for Angelus to be brought down like this. But he couldn’t find the words to defend himself, because far too big a part of him, the part he couldn’t remember screamed at him that Penn was right, that he was to blame and he couldn’t remember enough to say why or how.

He turned away, couldn't face Penn. Penn grabbed his shoulder, forced him to look at him. As soon as their bodies touched Spike could feel it, family. Penn's fingers caressed his cheek, his nails leaving a trace. Spike didn't move as Penn licked up the blood along the cut.
"Have you matured Willy?" There was a hope in his voice.

"You were always daddy's favourite, it's what put us all in the trouble we are. The family's still there you know. Me, Sam, James, Elisabeth with all her frilly dresses, Luke..."

"Dru?" He said the name without remembering it, more instinct than understanding.

Penn's head sank. "She seemed so happy as a pet, not remembering, we didn't dare take her away from that. And Darla she... she refused to come along. We offered her a place with us, she staked herself before she let us take her in."
That was Darla all right, bitchqueen forever free.

“I’m sorry uncle.” Spike whispered as he kneeled for the elder in his bloodline. His guilt was too severe to ignore.

“Come with us William. What harm is it to walk in between the lines, if it means you’ll at least be able to walk like a man, rather than crawl like a dog.”

Angel growled.

Spike hesitated, taking one last look at Buffy. Penn was licking his lips already, seemingly looking forward to the slaughter.
“Let them be and I’ll come willingly.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“I mean it Penn.”

“You do don’t you?” Penn grabbed Spike’s head, pulling him up, lips to lips and kissing him.
”Welcome back cousin, welcome back.”


Buffy couldn’t fight it, not when the army men came in a second later, talking big, threatening them all. She was too much in shock to resist and all she could do was watch. Spike was shackled, one of the soldiers forced his head down as they pushed him in the back of the car. Spike lay still and let them chain him in the cage, as if he still was a pet.

She cried for him then,.

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